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Dave Brake

Programmer, game developer, and lifelong gamer. I was born in Newfoundland, Canada and moved to Alberta when I was 15. I started writing games in QBasic on a 386SX and I've been hooked ever since.

I learned Java and C++ in high school and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming from DeVry University in 2011. Soon after I worked as Lead Programmer for Behold Games on their action-puzzler Urine Trouble, released in 2012 on PC/Mac/iOS/Android.

Since then I have stayed busy creating prototypes, learning languages such as C# and engines like Unity, improving my modeling and texturing skills, and performing contract work for Games Omniverse on their upcoming Danika Dire title.

Dave Brake Creations is a new chapter in my life as an independent game developer. I have the knowledge and skills to be a one man development team and I have dedicated all of my time and resources to making it a successful venture. I've always loved to create and I've always loved video games. It just makes sense that I combine my passions to entertain the world.

Languages: C#, C++, LUA
Software: Unity, Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, XCode, Blender, GIMP, Audition