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Bud Blitz Developer Update


Progress on Bud Blitz steadily continues! Since alpha 0.8 there have been 5 additional updates released to testers. In addition to numerous fixes, improved visuals and performance, and more balanced gameplay, other notable changes include:

  • a new feature called “Rush Orders” which requires the player to grow and harvest specific strains in a set amount of time to earn bonus cash. Failure to do so results in a cash penalty. This also increases the challenge when multiple strain orders come into play.

  • a new power-up called Mega Grow which boosts the yield of your plants. This is helpful for meeting Rush Order targets and earning a higher score.

  • a new player model. More polys, modeled hair, and a pair of the flyest kicks around!

Although it is still labeled alpha, Bud Blitz will be entering a brief beta phase very soon. The release date has not been finalized but everything is pointing to early December. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for the continued interest and support of the first commercial release from Dave Brake Creations!