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Bud Blitz Developer Update + Launching January 2019!


Development of Bud Blitz is on the home stretch!

The closed beta began on November 2nd, 2018 with version 0.90. Since then, 5 additional updates have been released to testers, with the most recent being version 0.95. There are too many changes to list but the main focus has been bug fixes, game balance, quality of life/performance improvements, and overall polish.

To give an idea of the progress, the beta changelog currently includes:

  • 38 bug fixes

  • 20+ additional features/assets

  • 84+ changes/improvements

alpha 0.89

alpha 0.89

beta 0.95

beta 0.95

Production of Bud Blitz is scheduled to wrap up before the end of December and the game will be launching for PC and Mac on itch.io in January 2019. The concrete release date will be announced when the trailer is released in the near future.

Special thanks to everyone involved in playtesting during the closed beta! Stay tuned for further updates, follow Dave Brake Creations on social media, and thanks again for the continued support!