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Bud Blitz Update/Gameplay demo video released!


Bud Blitz, an upcoming cannabis themed arcade game with a splash of simulation, went alpha on March 16, 2018. Since then, there have been 8 additional alpha builds released to private testers. Many new features, power-ups, and gameplay elements have been added to create both an entertaining and challenging experience.

These features include:

  • 6 strains of cannabis to grow
  • 3 upgradable weapons to protect your crops
  • 9 power-ups to aid your growing experience
  • Procedurally-generated plant variations
  • Global High Score Leaderboard

Currently the game is essentially functionally complete and the focus has shifted to aesthetic polishing and gameplay balancing. Bud Blitz will be released on PC and Mac in Q4 2018.

Click the link below to watch the first gameplay demo video from the latest alpha build, released today!