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Bud Blitz is now available!


Launch day is upon us!

Bud Blitz, the debut title from Dave Brake Creations, has officially launched for PC/Mac on itch.io!

Bud Blitz is a fast-paced cannabis-themed arcade game with a splash of simulation. The goal is to grow as much cannabis as you can while defending your crops from enemies by using a variety of outrageous weapons. The player must keep light and water levels within their optimal ranges to prevent stress to the plant, as well as manage their money to prevent losing the game.


  • 6 strains of cannabis to grow

  • 3 upgradable weapons to protect your crops

  • 8 power-ups to aid your growing experience

  • Procedurally-generated plant variations

  • Global High Score Leaderboard

“Grow your way to the top to become the king/queen of the crop!”